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Web Science Curriculum Workshop

This open participation workshop will focus on the development of courses and curricula for the teaching of Web Science and related topics.  People teaching courses will be invited to discuss their approaches, people interested in teaching (or taking) such courses can discuss their needs. 

This is the fourth in the series of  Web Science Trust Curriculum workshops; we are now at the position where a number of programmes badged "Web Science" have been delivered around the world. Earlier workshops have looked at creating wikis, creating a Web Science disciplinary taxonomy, etc. We would like to pull this work together.

Our aim for this workshop is to provide space to explore the needs of those creating and delivering web science courses and curricula. Attendance at the workshop is open; no submission is necessary. We would ask that you come prepared to discuss:

  • What you're doing
  • What your problems are
  • What resources would help you overcome those problems?

The workshop agenda will be based around discussion and informal presentation as follows:

Tuesday Afternoon

Session 1: What is the landscape? How many web science programmes exist around the world? Where are they? How do they differ from place to place? (Moderator : Les Carr)


Tuesday Afternoon

Session 2: Problems and/or Solutions. Sharing experiences and approaches. (Moderator: Jim Hendler)

Wednesday Morning

Session 3: Resourcing the Web Science Curriculum Community. What resources can be contributed by the community itself and what is the role of the Trust or other co-ordinating bodies.

The goal of the workshop is to determine the next steps in supporting Web Science curricula activities over the next five years.

Programme Committee

The workshop organizing group includes:

  •  Jim Hendler, RPI
  •  Les Carr, Southampton
  •  David de Roure, Oxford
  •  Andrew Huggill, DeMontfort
  •  Stefano Cerri, Montpelier
  •  Michalis Vafopolos, Aristotle U. of Thessaloniki
  •  Noshir Contractor, Northwestern