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Health Web Science Workshop

In the western world we live in an aging population who potentially require more medical support for longer. The current model for supporting this greater need for health care is not sustainable. The web may form one route to finding solutions which will alleviate this situation.

Commerce, education, entertainment and individuals have embraced the potential of the world wide web and seen revolutionary benefits as they the way they operate. Indeed the users of the web have influenced the development of the web, co-creating it in the form which it exists today.
Can Health provision and education move into the area of the web and create an environment where individuals and communities become more responsible for their own health and where possible, treatment? There has been increasing interest internationally in E-Health, Health 2.0, Medicine 2.0.

This workshop aims to investigate the application of the discipline of Web Science to the area of Health education and Health care. Full Papers and position papers are invited in this area. Topics which may be covered include:

  • Engaging individuals in services provided via the web.
  • Personalisation of Health Applications and data input via the web.
  • Engaging communities in services and as communities on the web.
  • Evaluation of Health Web Services.
  • Future directions of Health services using the Web.


Prospective authors are invited to submit original papers of no more than 8 pages in the ACM SIG Proceedings templates format (http://www.acm.org/sigs/publications/proceedings-templates) or position papers of no more than 2 pages. Papers should be submitted electronically in PDF format. Selected papers will be published on the conference website.  Authors will be given the opportunity to present their papers at the workshop.  Submissions should be sent to healthwebsci11(at)uhi.ac(dot)uk.

Important Dates



Deadline for the submission of papers

May 9th 2011

Notification of acceptance/rejection

May 23rd 2011

Health Science Workshop

June 15th 2011 ( half-day)


  • Elizabeth Brooks, University of Highlands and Islands, UK.
  • Dr. Grant Cumming, MBChB, MD, MRCOG. Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist NHS
  • Dr. Michael Rayner, University of Highlands and Islands, UK
  • Professor Catherine Pope, University of Southampton, UK.
  • Dr. Mark Weal, University of Southampton, UK.
  • Dr. Christopher Baker, University of New Brunswick, Canada.
  • Erik Cambria, University of Stirling, UK