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Alt-metrics Workshop

The increasing quantity and velocity of scientific output is presenting funding bodies, tenure committees, individual scholars, and the interested public with a deluge of data. Though the increasing number of scholarly articles and datasets is in many ways welcome, there is growing concern that scholarly output may be swamping traditional mechanisms for both pre-publication filtering (e.g peer review) and post-publication impact filtering (e.g. the Journal Impact Factor).

Increasing scholarly use of Web2.0 tools like CiteULike, Mendeley, and Twitter, and blog-style article commenting presents an opportunity to augment these filters.

For further information check the workshop's website.

Important Dates



2-page abstracts

due April 8, 2011 (note extended deadline)

Acceptance and abstract publication

April 14, 2011

Open pre-workshop discussion

April 14, 2011 – June 14, 2011

Workshop at WebSci 11

June 14 – June 15, 2011

Discussion closed

June 30, 2011

Invitations for post-workshop proceedings



The organizers have an interdisciplinary background covering Sociology, Information and Library Science and Computer Science.

Accepted Abstracts

  • Altmetrics for Eurekometrics. Samuel Arbesman
  • Who are we talking about?: the validity of online metrics for commenting on science. Julie M. Birkholz and Shenghui Wang
  • The search for alternative metrics for taxonomy. Daphne Duin and Peter Van Den Besselaar
  • Aggregated Erevnametrics: bringing together alt-metrics through Research Objects. Patrick Mcsweeney, Rikki Prince, Charlie Hargood, David Millard and Les Carr
  • Re-use as Impact: How re-assessing what we mean by “impact” can support improving the return on public investment, develop open research practice, and widen engagement. Cameron Neylon
  • UCount: a Community-Driven Approach for Measuring Scientific Reputation. Cristhian Parra, Aliaksandr Birukou, Fabio Casati, Regis Saint-Paul, Joseph Rushton Wakeling and Imrich Chlamtac
  • Putting Scientometrics 2.0 in its Place. Ralph Schroeder, Lucy Power and Eric Meyer
  • Characteristics of Researchblogging.org science Blogs and Bloggers. Hadas Shema and Judit Bar-Ilan
  • Using Co-Citation Relations to Indicate Article Impact. David Tarrant and Leslie Carr
  • Bibliometrics and the Culture of Open Access. Clifford Tatum and Paul Wouters
  • Relative Trends in Scientific Terms on Twitter. Victoria Uren and Aba-Sah Dadzie
  • Measuring impact in online resources with the CI-number (the CitedIn Number for online impact). Andra Waagmeester and Chris Evelo
  • Acknowledging contributions to online expert assistance. Andra Waagmeester, Gareth Palidwor, Pawel Szczesny, Istvan Albert, Mary Mangan, Christopher A Miller, Simon J Cockell, Pierre Lindenbaum, Daniel Silvestre, Giovanni Marco Dall’Olio and Chris Evelo
  • Altmetrics: Peer Evaluation, a case study. Aalam Wassef