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Barry Wellman

University of Toronto

Jaime Teevan

Microsoft Research



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ACM Web Science 2011

Web Science is concerned with the full scope of socio-technical relationships that are engaged in the World Wide Web. It is based on the notion that understanding the Web involves not only an analysis of its architecture and applications, but also insight into the people, organizations, policies, and economics that are affected by and subsumed within it.

As such Web Science, and thus this conference, is inherently interdisciplinary and integrates computer and information sciences with a multitude of disciplines including sociology, economics, political science, law, management, language and communication, geography and psychology. This conference is unique in the manner in which it brings these disciplines together in creative and critical dialogue.

The ACM Web Science Conference 2011 will be held in Koblenz, Germany. The 2011 edition of the Web Science Conference will be the first of the series to be an ACM conference. The ACM Web Science Conference is also supported by the International Communication Association (ICA) and by the ACM Special Interest Group on Hypertext, Hypermedia and the Web (SIGWEB).


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Tuesday 2011-07-26

Talks from the ACM Web Science Conference 2011 are now available at talks are available in full length, and with their original slides available.[more]

Wednesday 2011-06-29
Impressions from the Conference

David De Roure blogs his impressions about the WebSci'11.[more]

Friday 2011-06-17
Best Paper and Poster Award

The best paper award at the ACM International Conference on Web Science Conference 2011 goes to: The Effect of User Features on Churn in Social Networks by Marcel Karnstedt, Matthew Rowe, Jeffrey Chan, Harith Alani and Conor...[more]

Friday 2011-05-06
Health Web Science Workshop

Announcing the Health Web Science Workshop at WebSci'11[more]

Wednesday 2011-03-02
198 submissions from 30 countries

We are glad to announce 198 submissions from 30 countries:  United Kingdom 88, Germany 77, United States 52, Netherlands 45, Brazil 29, Greece 22, Austria 14, France 13, Ireland 10, China 9, Taiwan 8, Italy 8, Sweden 6,...[more]


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